Welcome! To my new website.

Hello everyone, I'm Noeline and welcome to my new website!

I'm pretty happy to be launching this as it's been a few months in the making - life can get pretty busy at times but here it is. Finally!

Ok, so I'm not exactly the most tech savvy person out there but I got here in the end and I'm pretty pleased with what I've created....... and thank you Sarah for giving me a helping hand along the way.

I really love being in the great outdoors and it's even better being behind the camera. I recently headed to Iceland on a photography tour and it's safe to say I fell in love with this amazing country. The funny thing is, I didn't realise just how much until I was home... and wishing I was back there. There are many other places I intend to see in the world and a return trip to Iceland is definitely on the list. Even though I have been fortunate to see much of this beautiful country Australia, my intentions are to return to many of those places again but next time with more of a photography focus.

I might be starting these adventures a little later in life than many others, but one is never too old to start something new, follow your heart and see what makes your soul sing. I think everybody needs a good dose of just that. :-)

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